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At Infinite Granite, we provide custom fabrication and installation of your granite slab precisely to your specifications. Locally owned and operated, we specialize in granite sales and service for kitchen cabinets, vanities, tubs, or any other area that you want to be beautiful and durable.

What is Granite?

An igneous rock with a holocrystalline structure, the granite stone is comprised of unique crystals that do not fully develop, but rather grow and interlock into each other. This process creates the stone’s grainy look and is also responsible for its supreme durability.

The Top Rock

Why choose granite? The top choice for use in countertops, granite can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. The stone slabs are some of the hardest materials that today’s kitchens and bathrooms are finished with. They are also some of the most beautiful and unique. No two pieces of granite are identical, and the stone comes in a variety of shades including an array of whites, beiges, corals, and blacks. Compared to other materials, granite provides superior beauty while offering competitive durability and pricing.

The Choice for Beauty and Durability

Granite has a variety of uses and can be installed virtually anywhere that needs a tough surface to add elegance to a room. Along with the traditional kitchen countertop, granite is great for vanities, thresholds, fireplace surrounds and mantles, vanity tops, shelving, table and bar tops, desks, showers and tubs, patios, and countless other areas. The long-lasting durability of the stone makes it great for just about any use.

Your Granite Your Way

At Infinite Granite, we employ a custom fabrication process to ensure that you receive the perfect granite slab cut to your specifications. First, you choose the granite slab that best suits your tastes. Next, our fabrication specialists customize the shape and size of your stone to your specifications, and finally, our in-house installation professionals install the piece in your desired area.

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