What You Need to Know About Caring for Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are practical and add aesthetic value to your home. This heat-resistant durable investment, however, needs regular maintenance to preserve its splendor. Here’s how you could care for your granite surfaces.

Daily And Weekly Cleaning

Granite countertops

There is no escape for daily spills, but luckily all you’ll need for this is some microfiber cleaning fabric. Simply wipe down your granite surfaces with some water as soon as spills occur. For weekly maintenance, use a neutrally PH-balanced granite cleaner and damp cloth. Remember that abrasive chemicals and cleaners invariably will damage the granite surface.

For greasy stains, blend some dish detergent, water and flour; apply it to the countertop; cover it with plastic overnight; and wash it off the following day. You also can buy grease-cleansing products tailored for granite countertops, but you may have to wait for up to 48 hours to remove such products. Other milder methods of cleaning greasy stains include applying a paste of water and baking powder and leaving it overnight.

Periodic Maintenance

Your granite surfaces will need annual checking and regular sealing. This will make it easier to clean. If you’re not sure when this is due, simply drizzle some water on the countertop. The droplets should flow freely. If it forms tiny beads, you’ll need to reseal.

Selecting the right sealant is imperative because the deeper the sealant penetrates, the more stain-resistant the countertop becomes. Regular sealing combats bacteria and simplifies cleaning. It’s best to use impregnating stone sealers, which eliminate moisture and eradicate the formation of bacteria and mold.

Oil stains can occur very easily on granite countertops, but sealers resist grease absorption. Your sealer must be usable on all stone surfaces, and shouldn’t alter the color of your countertops after it dries. Opt for a sealer that covers up to 180 square feet per quart. It should dry fast.

Clean your countertops with a mild kitchen cleaner and allow to dry completely. Apply the sealer with a clean, lint-free cloth. The backsplashes and edges should be wet but not drenched. Allow the first coat to dry for 10 minutes, and then apply a second coat. Sealing is finished when the second application has dried.

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