Modern Kitchen With Granite CountertopsFinishing your countertops with granite elevates your kitchen to one of exceptional quality and beauty. At Infinite Granite, we provide you with experienced granite countertop installers who won’t rest until you’re 100 percent satisfied with the results.

Benefits Of Granite Countertops

Granite takes about a million years to form in nature. This durable material is a natural stone that withstands heat and resists scratching from everyday wear. When properly sealed, it repels stains and bacteria and makes the perfect surface for food prep.

Due to its authentic beauty, granite offers you a unique design element with each one-of-a-kind slab. Other advantages of choosing our quality-assured granite include:

  • Lightfast; UV-resistance prevents fading
  • Natural gleam of polished stone
  • Flecks and highlight that sparkle and add nuances

Choose Your Slab

Choose from hundreds of options at Infinite Granite, and trust our friendly staff to help you select the cuts that match your vision. Be sure to visit us to choose your slab in person for the best results. We can help you understand how the material reacts to natural and artificial lighting, so there are no surprises once our granite countertop installers have finished the job.

What Granite Countertop Installers Do

Our granite technicians come to your home to make a template of the surfaces you want covered with granite. This involves painstakingly tracing out the correct shapes to ensure precise results.
Our cutters use a laser-guided saw with a diamond-tipped blade to cut and polish the edges to obtain the desired finish for your granite countertop. Then, our granite countertop installers return to place the granite on the cabinet base. A new sink is mounted beneath the granite countertop, and our skilled technicians drill holes in the stone where your sink faucets and soap dispenser will go.

Contact Us

Infinite Granite is a proud local resource for granite, quartz, marble and other high-quality stones. We are proud of our countertops, mantels, fireplace surrounds and other installations in Brimfield, MA. Let us work with you to achieve the custom results you’re looking for at affordable prices and with a product you’ll be happy with for many years to come.