three pieces of granite on a wood tableThe beautiful granite countertop you have installed in your kitchen or bathroom undergoes quite a bit of processes to achieve its finished, elegant look.

At Infinite Granite, we customize all stones to the shape and size of your requirements. This step is completed by fabrication specialists.

Granite Fabrication Process

The entire granite fabrication process is completed in multiple steps as outlined below. We work with homeowners every step of the way — from the initial slab selection to the final granite countertop installation.

1. Inspecting The Slab

The granite fabricator firsts takes time to inspect your granite slab for imperfections and individual characteristics. Oftentimes, these marks make the stone what it is — beautiful and unique.

2. Template Layout

In this step, previously created templates are arranged on the stone to ensure the best appearance of patterns, colors and vein textures. Depending on your specific layout, such as in an L-shape countertop, a bathroom vanity or a kitchen island, this step helps ensure the overall flow of the countertop pattern works for your finished project.

3. Cutting The Stone

Once the first two steps are complete, the granite stone is cut to your project’s specifications. For more information about the specific tools we use to cut your granite countertop, contact Infinite Granite.

4. Stone Fabrication

In this part of the fabrication process, cutout holes for your bathroom sink, cooktop, or holes for faucets are all created to your specifications.

5. Strengthening And Polishing

For the final few steps in the granite fabrication process, your countertop is strengthened in weaker or thinner areas to help reinforce it and enhance its durability. Typically, while the face of the slab is already polished, the edges usually are not. During polishing, the edge of your granite countertop can be shaped to ensure it looks its best.

Contact Infinite Granite

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