Infinite Granite distributes high-quality quartz countertops from our Brimfield, Massachusetts, location. Quartz is an extremely durable, eye-catching countertop option. It is manufactured and primarily made of ground quartz combined with polyester resins to bind it. Resins help make your quartz countertop resistant to stains and scratches. They also make it nonporous, so your counters never need sealing, but they do require a certain amount of care.

Daily Care

Everyday cleaning is simple and accomplished with warm water and a paper towel, soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge. For stubborn messes, use a dab of mild dish soap or non-abrasive liquid cleanser that doesn’t contain bleach. While your quartz countertop resists permanent staining when exposed to wine, tea, juice, fruits and vegetables, wipe up spills immediately before they dry.

Deep Cleaning

For substances that harden as they dry like grease, gum and certain foods, gently remove particles with a plastic putty knife. Use a bleach-free glass and surface cleaner or degreaser to loosen remaining debris and wipe away with a non-abrasive sponge. Regularly perform an overall deep clean by spraying generous amounts of surface cleaner over the entire countertop surface. Allow cleaner to sit 10 minutes before thoroughly wiping it away with a sponge.

What To Avoid

Appropriate daily maintenance and deep cleaning helps preserve your counters’ look and integrity, but avoiding certain elements goes even further. Highly acidic or alkaline cleaning solutions or products can dull the surface. Products like drain cleaner, dishwasher rinsing agents, concentrated bleach, oven cleaners and nail polish remover can break down the quartz/resin bond and/or damage the surface. If these or similar products come into contact with your counters, thoroughly rinse the surface immediately.

Quartz is a hard, durable surface, but not hard enough to withstand cutting, slicing or dicing directly on the surface with sharp knives. Always use a cutting board to avoid unattractive scratches. Also, under normal conditions, quartz is burn-resistant, but the resins are plastic that can melt when exposed to heat above 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Prolonged heat exposure or sudden temperature changes can cause quartz to crack. Should this occur, our maintenance and repair services can repair blemishes and cosmetic damages.

Choose Infinite Granite

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