Infinite Granite Custom Fabrication

One of the advantages of using granite for your countertops, tabletops, backsplashes, or fireplace surroundings is not just its durable construction, but also its aesthetic flexibility. The granite you choose will be unique from any other granite.

You should make sure that you use a service that provides high-quality custom fabrication. Here at Infinite Granite, we use a custom fabrication process to ensure your granite will be installed flawlessly. 

Our Custom Fabrication Process

The following are the steps that we will take to ensure a high-quality custom fabricated granite installation:

  • Choosing your granite – Because each slab of granite is visually unique and because the look that granite boasts can vary greatly from one slab to another, we will help you choose a piece of granite to meet your visual needs. No matter if it’s to complement your existing interior design or to create a visual focal point wherever it’s used. We have a massive inventory of granite stone to choose from.
  • Creating a template – The last thing you want is for your granite to fit improperly. Small gaps or uneven cuts can ruin the entire design as well as diminish the function of the granite (depending on how you’re using it). To prevent this from happening, we will measure the space where it will go and create a template, which will eliminate potential errors.
  • Cutting your granite – Using the custom template that we created, we will then cut your granite. Our fabricators are highly trained and highly skilled in the use our advanced granite cutting equipment. Unlike some fabricators, we will not cross-grain your granite to conserve material. We will ensure that the colors and pattern in your granite flow seamlessly.
  • Choosing an edge profile – The edge profile of your granite can have a big impact on its overall look. We will work together with you to pick an edge profile that suits your personal tastes and compliments your interior design.

Once your granite slabs have been fabricated to fit where they need to, we will install them. We use our in-house crew, which is made up of highly trained and experienced staff, to make sure that your granite is properly installed. The time it takes for us to install your granite will depend on the scope of the project, but however long it takes, we will ensure that there will be no flaws in your installation to take away from the beauty or function of your new granite.