countertop material

For kitchen or bathroom remodels or new builds, stone countertops offer a beautiful, durable surface that lasts for decades. Infinite Granite offers top-quality granite, marble, soapstone, quartzite and engineered quartz slabs to fit all your custom countertop needs. From stone selection to custom fabrication, we assist you through the entire process. Property owners in Brimfield and Auburn, Massachusetts, count on us for competitively priced countertop fabrication.

Select Your Stone

Infinite Granite is Brimfield’s premier stone distributor and always offers a diverse selection of the finest materials to match your unique preferences. Our inventory includes approximately 150 distinct slabs in our stone yard at 310 Sturbridge Road. This includes honed, brushed or polished slabs from first-rate suppliers with connections around the globe. We help you select the ideal slab for your project based on the specific properties you desire and the look you want to create. Since you’re selecting your stone from full-size slabs instead of small sample tiles, you can better visualize the final product.

Templating Service

We create a template before we make any cuts on your selected stone slab. Our templates include the exact dimensions, angles and openings required to ensure your new countertops fit perfectly into place. Detailed templates also let us know where to avoid placing seams for a more fluid look. We perform all our templating in-house to ensure precise measurements and the best results for your custom countertop fabrication.

Fabrication Process

Your stone slab goes through an extensive fabrication process to achieve the finished product. Our talented countertop fabrication experts transfer your template onto your chosen slab. We arrange this template on the stone to create the best appearance of color and veining while ensuring the overall pattern flow works well in the final product. This process is especially important in granite and marble slabs, where unacceptable characteristics may need to be avoided during fabrication. To make your countertops really stand out, we can also add a designer edge for extra dimension and an eye-catching result.

Contact Our Countertop Fabrication Experts

We also offer professional installation of your custom fabricated countertops. Our highly experienced installation crew inserts your new countertops in your desired location on the materials supplied. We offer two convenient locations and proudly serve residential and commercial clients in the Brimfield and Auburn communities and beyond. Contact us at 413-245-4444 for a free estimate or to get started on your custom stone countertops today.