Some countertop materials require more maintenance than others, but quartz is a fairly maintenance-free countertop option. Quartz countertops are highly durable and basically require simple daily and weekly cleaning tasks to keep them looking their best. However, quartz isn’t indestructible, and chips, while rare, do occur. If your latest inspection revealed a chip in your quartz, call the quartz countertop repair experts at Infinite Granite in Brimfield, Massachusetts. We specialize in engineered quartz and natural stone countertops and have the skills and knowledge it takes to keep your counters looking their best for years to come.

Quartz Countertop Chip Repairs

Repairman working on counterAreas with extremely heavy use and abuse combined with accidents in the kitchen can occasionally result in a chip in your quartz countertops. In the rare event this occurs, our trained professionals should be able to fix it without replacing the entire quartz slab. Repair techniques for chips in your quartz countertop vary based on the size and location of the damage.

When possible, save the chip so we can use it in our repairs. We utilize repair techniques that restore the structural integrity of your countertops while keeping the beauty of your counters intact. For small chips, our skilled repair professionals may use a clear resin, epoxy or acrylic adhesive to adhere the missing chip. After sufficient curing time, we carefully remove any excess product from around the repair and polish the area.

Once we complete the repair, the chipped area should now be virtually unnoticeable. Similar repair techniques can also be utilized for separated seams, fissures or cracks, and nicks on countertop edges. Chip repair costs vary based on the size of the chip and the repair technique used, but fixing small chips now helps restore the structural integrity of your countertop and saves you from more extensive and expensive repairs later.

Countertop Repair Experts In Brimfield, MA

Infinite Granite’s professional countertop maintenance and repair services help prevent physical flaws and cosmetic blemishes from spoiling the perfection and beauty of your quartz countertops. We possess the experience and expertise you need to keep your countertops looking fabulous and performing as expected. Contact us at 413-245-4444 to learn more about our chip repair techniques or to request a free repair estimate today.