Quartz, granite and other natural stones are some of the most durable materials in the world, but accidents happen. Under certain circumstances, your kitchen and bathroom countertops may become chipped, cracked, scratched or stained. Restoring your countertops to their former beauty takes specialized skill. That’s why Infinite Granite in Brimfield, Massachusetts, offers professional countertop repair and maintenance services to help protect your investment.

Countertop Repair And Restoration

cracked marbleIt pays to keep your natural stone or engineered quartz countertops in good condition. Small imperfections soon become noticeable problems, so it’s important to have small chips, cracks and blemishes repaired before they expand. Our skilled professionals at Infinite Granite offer cost-effective countertop repair services that provide optimal results. Our extensive experience working with various materials lets us perform all types of repairs, including:

  • Fixing cracks, chips and pits
  • Repairing and refilling seams
  • Deep-cleaning stains
  • Sanding away stains
  • Buffing out scratches
  • Recoating surfaces with sealant
  • Polishing and restoring surfaces

Our high-quality countertop repairs restore the structural integrity of your countertops while preventing damage from spreading and making blemishes and other cosmetic defects less noticeable. Repair costs vary depending on your stone material and damage, but they typically cost much less than replacing your countertops.

Countertop Maintenance

Natural stone and engineered quartz countertops last for decades when maintained properly. Some stone materials require more maintenance than others, and the maintenance process may also vary. During everyday cleaning, remember to use lukewarm water and nonabrasive cleaning products. Choose cleaners designed for natural stone to avoid damaging your surfaces.

Regularly inspect your countertops for stains, scratching, cracking or shifting at seams to uncover areas requiring more frequent maintenance. Marble countertops are especially vulnerable to chips and cracks at corners. Note small flaws during routine maintenance to determine when your countertop requires repairs. Schedule annual cleaning and sealing services with us and we can also inspect your countertops for you.

Countertop Repair And Maintenance Experts

Don’t trust just anyone with your countertop maintenance and repairs. Infinite Granite specializes in natural stone and engineered quartz countertops. We have the skills to make professional repairs and keep your countertops looking fabulous for years to come. We offer two convenient locations and proudly serve residential and commercial clients in the Brimfield and Auburn communities and beyond. Contact us at 413-245-4444 for a free maintenance or repair estimate today.