Countertop installation – Infinite GraniteStone countertops are naturally beautiful, durable and functional. You can count on your stone countertop to last for decades and provide your home with a custom look, since no two slabs of stone look alike. Infinite Granite is your local granite distributor for Brimfield, Massachusetts, and we’re proud to offer countertop installation with top-quality stone slabs from our outdoor stone yard. Each project is made to order, using only the finest natural stone slabs and utilizing your exact specifications.

Stone Selection

Quality stone countertop installation begins with choosing your stone. Browse our inventory of approximately 150 slabs of granite, quartz, marble, soapstone or quartzite to create your custom design. Each material offers its own specific properties, and we can help you choose the ideal slab from our stone yard. Choosing a slab in person, instead of trying to make a decision based on small sample tiles, ensures you get the look you want.

Templating & Fabrication

After choosing the perfect slab, we create a template. All our templates are created in-house to ensure optimal precision in measurements for each project. Your stone is customized by our talented fabrication experts to the exact size and shape required for your countertop installation. We can even provide various types of edges, including 1/4 bullnose to full bullnose, plus bevel, pencil and ogee edges to ensure your countertops make a statement.

Installation Services

Once we’ve custom-created your countertop, installation is done in-house by our professional, highly experienced crew. We install your finished product on whatever is provided to us. Depending on the scope of the project, installations can range in time, but average about two weeks or less.

Find The Perfect Stone

If you’re looking for beautiful stone countertops at competitive prices, Infinite Granite is the supplier to choose. We offer free estimates and can assist you through the entire process, from stone selection to custom fabrication to expert installation. Brimfield, Massachusetts, residents can visit our stone yard at 310 Sturbridge Road in Brimfield, or contact us at 413-245-4444 to get started on your custom stone countertops today!